Tulip Info, tips for Treatment.

Here you can find several hints and tips for keeping the tulip well in a vase for as long as possible.  Flowers need love and care.  Treat the flowers well and they will let you enjoy their colours and smell for a long time.

Hints and tips

    1. Use tap water at room temperature
    2. Always cut the stems diagonally and use a clean vase
    3. Tulips do not like direct sunlight and warmth.  Therefore choose a cool and not too sunny place for the vase.
    4. Avoid ripening fruit in the vicinity of the flowers. Just like for other flowers the ethyl-gas that is produced in this process will make the tulip age faster.
    5. Use the right food for your flowers to keep them longer and having longer clear water. (see underneed a testmovie)

Do you have your own hints or tips that you want to share?  Tell us !!